Workshops & Retreats

Continuing Education Workshops for Therapists & Counselors

Julie’s excitement for her craft shows up in a big way in her counselor trainings and workshops. She enjoys sharing her successes and her foibles (mistakes are our greatest teachers, after all!) from 20+ years in the field to assist other counselors in expanding their knowledge base. There’s nothing she likes better than great conversation and interactive experiences when she’s honing her own skills, so she makes sure each workshop she presents has big doses of both to keep participants engaged. 


For Julie, facilitating retreats is like arranging a surprise party for someone’s birthday – they probably have an inkling they’ll have fun, but they have no idea just HOW amazing the experience will be! Having a hand in creating transformative experiences lights Julie up and allows her to connect with each participant in a unique way. Julie is excited to partner with Magical Mindfulness Retreats to provide a transformative experience for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

“This one-of-a-kind retreat was designed just for you. Equal parts: quiet time for reflection, rituals, self discovery work, nourishing self-care, heritage sites, and more. The most luxurious five days you can imagine. Created for you to completely invest in yourself, and as Pelé might say, “destroy what is meant to be destroyed and create what is meant to be created”.

Announcing the Bringing Balance Retreat on Hawai’i’s Big Island in May 2024. click here for more info!