LMFT Supervision

Having practiced in the family therapy and play therapy fields for over two decades, I translate my passion for helping clients transform their lives into the supervision setting. I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist Approved Supervisor in the state of Oklahoma, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor Candidate, and a Registered Play Therapist-SupervisorTM.

I am passionate about facilitating the growth and expertise of new professionals, and I enjoy the mentoring relationship of supervision. I embrace a “lifelong learner” approach to supervision and continually nurture and hone my supervision skills to provide the best supervision experience possible to graduate students and candidates.

Julie’s supervision has left me with an abundance of helpful experiences, tools, insight, love of boundaries, problem-solving techniques, new ways of thinking and seeing things, new-found belief in myself and my abilit to be a competent helper, and much more. Her supervision has profoundly impacted both my work with clients and my work with myself. – practicum student supervisee

Under my supervision, you can expect:

  • thought-provoking supervision focused on developing your professional identity and skills
  • a safe, non-competitive arena for exploring your questions about the “hows” and “whys” of counseling
  • person of the therapist (POTT) reflection
  • culturally humble supervision that addresses your social location/cultural identity as well as that of your clients
  • 24/7 support for your daily work with clients
  • Regular review of the Oklahoma Act and Regulations and AAMFT Code of Ethics which governs our work as MFTs

“My journey towards becoming a Registered Play TherapistTM wouldn’t be the same without Julie. She supported, challenged, and inspired me as I developed my Person of a Play Therapist. Her energetic, playful, and genuine spirit made supervision insightful and rewarding and greatly impacts my work with clients. I will definitely seek out Julie for any future play therapy supervision needs, and I consider her a valuable colleague and friend.” – – Brooke Runion, LMFT, RPT #T5879

This supervisor taught me how to give myself grace, how to talk to myself in a kind way, and most importantly how to practice what I preach. She did not just tell us. She modeled it all for us. She taught by example and her lessons will stay with me forever. – Graduate Practicum Student