Julie brings her own brand of hope and humor to your event or workshop. Known to be a straight-talker, Julie both inspires and educates audiences, providing practical tools and insights to help you feel empowered and gain momentum to reach your goals (and dreams!) faster!

Some of Julie’s favorite topics include:

*Creating a life in alignment with your core values

*Getting to know your Next Level Self 

*Turning your Transition into a Transformation

*Navigating Major Life Transitions

*Shifting Your Mindset: from Powerless to Empowered

*Upleveling Your Relationship to Yourself

*Setting Boundaries: How to Say Yes to Your Most Important Goals & Dreams

*Self Care 201: Beyond Chocolate and Bubble Baths

No matter the topic or the size of the audience, Julie inspires others to recognize their own special brand of amazing and empowers those she reaches to take action toward living the life of their dreams!