Mindset & Empowerment Coaching

After working in the marriage and family therapy and play therapy fields for over two decades, I’m now working with clients in a new way: through life coaching!

“Coaching can help you get unstuck, overcome overwhelm & feel empowered, and create momentum so you reach your life and business goals faster.” – Julie Reising

Life coaches help people get ‘unstuck’, identify their goals, and reach their desired results. While my experience and expertise as a licensed therapist definitely supports and informs my work as a Mindset and Empowerment Coach, it’s important to understand that life coaching is not therapy.

I have gained the ability to say no (and that it’s okay to hold BOUNDARIES) and realize what I am saying yes to instead!

– Coaching Client

Let’s turn your transition into a TRANSFORMATION!

I’m a Mindset & Empowerment Coach and licensed Therapist. 

I assist incredible humans navigating life transitions to connect with – and embody – their Next Level Self.

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Through my Transitions to Transformation coaching programs you will:

  • eliminate emotional blocks that keep you stuck in uncertainty and inaction
  • identify your core values (and use them to guide your decisions)
  • create healthy boundaries
  • practice your “no” so you can say hell YES to your most cherished goals and dreams
  • identify inspired action steps that will get you to your next level faster